Grooming & Baths

We Offer two Services to get Your Pets Squeaky Clean!

Grooming & Baths


Our hydro-surge system is perfect to get your pets fresh and clean. Included in all baths is ear cleaning, eye ointment to prevent inadvertent exposure to soaps, and a conditioning shampoo. On request, we can do medicated baths for those pets with finicky skin.


We have a full-time groomer on staff. Our groomer is well trained and certified in many different haircuts and styles. Our groomer has a gift at making nervous pets feel comfortable during their groom. We also offer sedate grooms for those that are not easily handled. Included in all grooming packages is a bath done by groomer, brush out and blowout, nails, expressing of anal glands, haircut, and a complimentary physical exam done by one of our Doctors. We recommend scheduling at least 4 weeks in advance for this service.

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